Innovation in OD and Leadership – Workshop Series

March 26 – 27, 2015

Philip Mirvis:
"The Collaborative Advantage: Mergers, Acquisitions, Alliances - How Organizations Work Together Effectively"

March 26-27, 2015
day 1: 10.oo-19.oo, dinner until 20.3o; day 2: 9.oo-15.3o

Bruno Kreisky Forum, Armbrustergasse 15, 1190 Vienna

Lemon Consulting (AT), Hantschk, Klocker & Partner (AT, CH), Chronos Info (CRO)

The workshop will focus on leading and developing collaborative processes in mergers and acquisitions and in project-based partnerships. The topic of the workshop is broad - how can organizations work together effectively - encompassing legal combinations (mergers and acquisitions), project-based partnerships (around R&D, Sales etc.), and multi-organization ventures (in health care, community services).  Our focus will be sharply on collaborative processes, stages, and the work of managers/OD consultants in making collaboration successful.  We’ll review relevant theory, work on practical cases from Phil as well as on participant’s own challenges that arise in gaining a collaborative advantage.


Together, we will experience and discuss:

  • Why and when organizations collaborate – what is the collaborative advantage?
  • Lessons from Joining Forces in Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances(the author’s book on this subject)
  • What are the “stages” in multi-party collaborations? What has to be managed at each stage?
  • What are the pitfalls to success?  Best practices?
  • Role of managers, 3rd party facilitators, OD consultants in collaborations

Inputs, discussion, case work, and participants’ experiences/questions in mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and collaborations. Inputs in English, working groups in mother language. Participants will receive the author´s book “Joining Forces” at the Workshop.

We address
Leaders and experts in the fields of Strategy, Business Development, Organization Development, Human Resources and related fields interested in learning and sharing expertise in the field of M&A and collaborations.

Workshop leader
Philip Mirvis is an organizational psychologist, consultant, and educator who serves as a senior research fellow for the Global Network on Corporate Citizenship. His studies and private practice concerns large-scale organizational change, the character of the workforce and workplace, and business leadership in society. As advisor to businesses in the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia, he has authored twelve books on his studies including The Cynical Americans (social trends), Building the Competitive Workforce (human capital), To the Desert and Back (a business transformation case) and Beyond Good Company: Next Generation Corporate Citizenship. Mirvis is a fellow of the Work/Family Roundtable, a board member of the Citizens Development Corporation, and formerly a Trustee of the Foundation for Community Encouragement and Society for Organization Learning. He worked with Ben & Jerry’s, Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, IBM, and many other global companies and facilitated M&A integration with over 50 companies. As consultant he led service learning journeys for executives to see social and environmental issues on five continents. In academia Phil taught at Boston University, Boston College, and leads executive education programs at Jiao Tong (Shanghai), London Business School, Deusto (Madrid), and IEDC Bled (Slovenia). Those looking for more information about his work on collaboration are invited to see:

Marks, M.L. and P.H. Mirvis. Joining forces: Making one plus one equal three in mergers, acquisitions, and alliances.  San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1998. 2nd Edition. 2010.
Marks, M.L. and P.H. Mirvis. Joining forces: Making one plus one equal three in mergers, acquisitions, and alliances.  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, 1998. 2nd Edition.  2010. (recommended as pre-workshop reading)
Worley, C. and P. H. Mirvis.  (Eds).  Organizing for sustainability: Building networks & partnerships v3. New York: Emerald, 2013.

About the workshop series
With our series “Innovation in OD and Leadership” we aim to bridge the gap between management theory and practice based on international dialogues between practioners and researchers. As group of organizers from different regions (Croatia, AT, CH) we offer these workshops for interested managers and experts, colleagues and clients.
In 2011 we hosted a first workshop on “Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Branding” with Mary Jo Hatch & Phil Mirvis in 2011, followed by “Organization Design” with Charles Snow in 2012. 2013 we worked on “Co-Creation: Shared Leadership and Social Innovation” with Phil Mirvis. In 2015 we will focus on organization design for innovation (with Charles Snow, 19-20.1.2015) and on the collaborative advantage through mergers, acquisitions and alliances (with Phil Mirvis, 26-27.3.2015). For detailed information visit our websites.

Workshop fee
€ 900.oo (including catering, dinner on March 26 and location) (excl. VAT/UST)
Early booking rate: € 650.oo (excl. VAT/UST) until December 31, 2014
Housing: We have pre-arranged a room contingent for participants in a nice city hotel.

Information and registration
Number of participants: 10-25. Make sure to register early.
Early booking rate until December 31, 2014
Free cancellation until January 20, 2015.
For further information and registration please contact us at

Or get in touch with a member of the team of organizers:
Anton Barisic,, , Zagreb
Gerhard Klocker,,, Dornbirn
Hubert Lobnig,,, Vienna
Dagmar Untermarzoner ,,, Vienna