Innovation in OD and Leadership – Workshop Series

January 19-20, 2015

Charles C. Snow:
"Designing Organizations for Collaborative Innovation”

January 19-20, 2015 day 1: 10.oo-19.oo, dinner until 20.3o; day 2: 9.oo–15.3o

Bruno Kreisky Forum, Armbrustergasse 15, 1190, Vienna

Lemon Consulting (AT), Hantschk, Klocker & Partner (AT, CH), Chronos Info (CRO)

The workshop will focus on bridging the gap between the theory and practice of organization design. We will start with an introduction into current perspectives on organization design and their relation to organization development and management theory. Special emphasis then will be given to new forms of organizing that are increasingly being used to organize for collaborative innovation. Such designs take advantage of community values and processes, and they present the special challenge of creating organizational forms that extend beyond the single company and do not rely on hierarchical mechanisms for control and coordination. Guided by inputs from theory and research, the workshop will include discussions and reflections among the participants.


  • Charles Snow´s perspectives on Organization Design, Organization Development and Management Theory
  • Implications of demands for more innovation by both individuals and firms
  • Evolution Part I: evolution of existing organizational forms
  • Evolution Part II: evolution of organizational forms for collaborative innovation
  • Identification of key factors in adopting and using new organizational forms
  • Process of redesign and change

To prepare for the workshop, participants will receive readings and assignment questions in advance.

We address
Leaders and experts in the fields of Strategy, Business Development, Organization Development, Human Resources and related fields interested in learning about organization design work and innovation.

Workshop leader
Charles Snow is Emeritus Professor of Strategy and Organization, Penn State University. During his career, he has taught post-graduate students and executives in the United States and in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and South America. In Europe, he is an adjunct professor at BI-Norwegian Business School and Visiting Scholar at the Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture at
the University of Aarhus, Denmark. In 2012, he was the Fulbright-Hall Chair in Entrepreneurship at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. His research and writing focuses on organizing for collaborative innovation and preparing for the future. He is co-editor of Journal of Organization Design, an open access journal and co-founder of the organization community.

Selected Publications:
Snow CC, Fjeldstad OD. Forthcoming. Network paradigm. In J.D. Wright (ed.), International encyclopedia of the social and behavioral sciences. Oxford, U.K.: Elsevier.
Bøllingtoft A, Donaldson L, Huber G, Håkonsson DD, Snow CC (eds.). 2012. Collaborative communities: Purpose, process, and design. New York: Springer.
Fjeldstad OD, Snow CC, Miles RE, Lettl C. 2012. The architecture of collaboration. Strategic Management Journal 33: 734-750.
Snow CC, Snell SA. 2012. Strategic human resource management. In S. Kozlowski (ed.), The Oxford handbook of industrial and organizational psychology: 993-1008. New York: Oxford University Press.
Snow CC, Fjeldstad OD, Lettl C, Miles RE. 2011. Organizing continuous product development and commercialization: the collaborative community of firms model. Journal of Product Innovation Management 28: 3-16.
Miles RE, Miles G, Snow CC, Blomqvist K, Rocha H. 2009. The I-form organization. California Management Review 51: 59-74.
Prof. Snow is also renowned for his classic book on organization theory:
Miles RE, Snow CC. 1978. Organizational strategy, structure, and process. New York: McGraw-Hill. Revised edition published by Stanford University Press to launch its Stanford Business Classics Series, 2003.



About the workshop series
With our series “Innovation in OD and Leadership” we aim to bridge the gap between management theory and practice based on international dialogues between practioners and researchers. As group of organizers from different regions (Croatia, AT, CH) we offer these workshops for interested managers and experts, colleagues and clients.
In 2011 we hosted a first workshop on “Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Branding” with Mary Jo Hatch & Phil Mirvis in 2011, followed by “Organization Design” with Charles Snow in 2012. 2013 we worked on “Co-Creation: Shared Leadership and Social Innovation” with Phil Mirvis. In 2015 we will focus on organization design for innovation (with Charles Snow, 19-20.1.2015) and on the collaborative advantage through mergers, acquisitions and alliances (with Phil Mirvis, 26-27.3.2015). For detailed information visit our websites.

Workshop fee
€ 900.oo (including catering, dinner on Jan.19 and location) (excl. VAT/UST)
Early booking rate: € 650.oo (excl. VAT/UST), until Sept 10, 2014
Housing: We have pre-arranged a room contingent for participants in a nice city hotel.

Information and registration
Number of participants: 10-25. Make sure to register early.
Early booking rate until September, 10, 2014.
Free cancellation until November 15, more details upon request.
For further information and registration please contact us at

Or get in touch with a member of the team of organizers:
Anton Barisic,, , Zagreb
Gerhard Klocker,,, Dornbirn
Hubert Lobnig,,, Vienna
Dagmar Untermarzoner ,,, Vienna