Organisationsentwicklung im Krankenhaus

Date: 2013

Author: Lobnig H., Grossmann R.., mit Beiträgen von M. Ernst, M. Garbsch, A. Greulich, R. Grossmann, H. Lobnig, C. Neugebauer, K. Prammer, K. Scala, D. Untermarzoner, J.A. Wolf; Herausgeber der Schriftenreihe: Heinz Naegler

Publisher: Medizinisch Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft


Facilitating Collaboration in Public Management

Date: 2012

Author: Grossmann R., Lobnig H., Scala K & Stadlober M:

Publisher: Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing

Education, Research, Health, Social Security and other “public goods” are organized by a mix of organizations, partly publicly-funded, partly private enterprises, partly public-private partnerships. The quality of the services relies greatly on the coordination and collaboration of these specialized organizations. How can cooperative relationships be built that guarantee trustful communication, binding decisions, and productive team-work? How can collaboration and competition be balanced? What are the differences between loose-coupled networks and tightly built collaborations and which type is the best solution for which tasks? How can mergers be managed as result of such collaboration? How must organizations prepare themselves and their internal structures to engage in trans-organizational collaboration?
This volume investigates the potential and challenges inherent in collaborative ventures. It is based on the authors’ rich experiences derived from consulting engagements and research projects in publicly-funded service organizations, non-profit organizations, public-private partnerships, and for-profit enterprises. The focus is on the role that management consultants can play in facilitating such collaborative ventures.

Facilitating Collaboration.pdf   (360.7 kB)


The Changing Paradigm of Consulting: Adjusting to the Fast-Paced World.

Date: 2011

Author: Buono A.F., Grossmann R., Lobnig H. & Mayer K. (Eds.)

Publisher: Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing

Lemon_AFB_et_al_2011_Changing_Paradigm.pdf   (92.2 kB)


Kooperationen im Public Management. Theorie und Praxis erfolgreicher Organisationsentwicklung in Leistungsverbünden, Netzwerken und Fusionen.

Date: 2007

Author: Grossmann R., Lobnig H. & Scala K.

Publisher: Weinheim und München: Juventa.

The book offers possibilities how to create and develop cooperation and networks. The experiences, case studies and theory serve as guidelines for practice.

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Beratung in der Veränderung. Grundlagen, Konzepte, Beispiele.

Date: 2003

Author: Lobnig H., Schwendenwein J. & Zvacek L. (Hrsg.)

Publisher: Wiesbaden: Gabler

Lemon_HL_et_al_2003_Beratung.pdf   (74.9 kB)


Pathways to a Health Promoting Hospital

Date: 1998

Author: Pelikan J.M., Garcia-Barbero M., Lobnig H. & Krajic K. (Eds.)

Publisher: Gamburg: G.Conrad, Health Promotion Publications

"Dear Dr.Lobnig and Professor Pelikan thank you for providing me with a copy of your new publication "Pathways to a Health Promoting Hospital". You and the other authors are to be truly commended on this excellent book and can be justly proud of all the work and efforts that have gone into it´s preparation."

J.E.Asvall, Regional Director for Europe, World Health Organization

Pelikan_et_al_1998_Pathways_Hospital.pdf   (1,444.0 kB)


From Projects to Networks: Feasibility, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability of Health Promoting Hospital Projects

Date: 1998

Author: Pelikan J.M., Krajic K. & Lobnig H. (Eds.)

Publisher: Gamburg: G.Conrad, Health Promotion Publications


Gesundheitsförderung in Settings: Gemeinde, Betrieb, Schule und Krankenhaus. Eine österreichische Forschungsbilanz.

Date: 1996

Author: Lobnig H. & Pelikan J.M. (Hrsg.)

Publisher: Wien: Facultas


Gesundheit durch Projekte fördern

Date: 1994

Author: Grossmann R. & Scala K. Mitarbeit von Untermarzoner D.

Publisher: Weinheim-München: Juventa


Health Promotion and Organizational Development.

Date: 1993

Author: Grossmann R. & Scala K. Mitarbeit von Untermarzoner D.

Publisher: Developing Settings for Health. European Health Promotion Series No. 2, WHO/Europe, IFF (edd.), Vienna


Psychosoziale Probleme im Erwachsenenalter

Date: 1992

Author: Innerhofer P., C Klicpera C., Lobnig H., Schuster B. & Weber G. (Hrsg.)

Publisher: Wien: WUV-Verlag


Gegen Teile. Gemeinsamkeiten und Differenzen einer kritischen Psychologie.

Date: 1992

Author: Benetka G., Brandl G., Fürnkranz W., Lobnig H. & Nowak C. (Hrsg.)

Publisher: München: Profil Verlag